Ryan Kelly is a percussionist gone astray, working on harsh noise and experimental music. He mixes sounds at the limits of his classical training with techniques of electronic music to create noise with programmed and performed (im)precision. He believes that there is something special in sounds that avoid being fixed in notation, that test performer reproducibility and that resist the discretization of the digital, and aims to develop the relations between them into a music that exceeds its own logic. His goal is not to blow out your speakers, but this might be an intermediate step.

An emerging musician, Ryan received his bachelor’s degree in percussion performance from McGill University in 2015. He studied percussion under Aiyun Huang and Fabrice Marandola, improvisation with Guillaume Bourgogne, tabla under Shawn Mativetsky, and has participated in masterclasses with the Bozzini Quartet, Jürg Frey, Greg Beyer, Joane Hétu and Isaiah Ceccarelli.